Investigative Support for your inquiries in West Texas & The High Plains Region.


Praxis Detection SVCS, LLC is a 100% Veteran Owned Professional Investigation and Case Consulting Company. Meaning a 'tailored' investigation, improved client service, and an actionable product for your inquiries. "Praxis Detection" is networked with other professional investigation services across state, national, and international regions. This benefits you, should your inquiry extend beyond the high plains region. Additionally, if your inquiry is not within the expertise or capabilities of "Praxis Detection", you will be assisted with a referral to a qualified expert. 


Praxis Detection SVCS, LLC 

is licensed & insured 

TX Lic#: A10478401

The Staff:

Eli W. Wilkerson, MBA, CFE, LPI

 Founder / Manager / Investigator

Eli hails from Oklahoma and has lived in Amarillo since 2007. He is active in his church and community. With 10+ years in Law Enforcement and being a US Army Combat Veteran (Afghanistan '10/'11), he has professional skills in Investigations, Detection, Surveillance, and Investigative Interviewing. Additionally, He is a proven leader, self starter, life long learner, and an Eagle Scout. He has earned a Master of Business Administration from WTAMU and the Certified Fraud Examiner through the ACFE.

In January 2020, he has started a formal education program for cyber security and digital forensics. As a student, he also joined the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS). He plans to offer his future cyber and digital forensics skills to the "Praxis Detection" core services in 2021.

He is a voracious reader and enjoys learning how to train Australian Shepherds for stock work. When time permits he is a Karate and Aikido practitioner as well. 

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North Texas Private Investigator Association
Private Investigator
Fraternal Order of Investigators
Computer Forensics
Digital Forensics
Amarillo Investigator
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